Training And Placement Guide

Questions-Answers for HR round


  1. Tell us about yourself/Describe yourself

    1. Start with describing about yourself and what you do presently and then slowly backward towards your schooling.
      Like:  My name is Varun Sukheja. I was born and brought up at satna. Currently pursuing Bachelors of engg. in Comp. Sci from LNCTS Bhopal.My current CGPA is 7.9. I have completed my schooling from C.K.M.S satna which is affiliated to I.C.S.E board.
    2. Then start describing about your family (to be )
      Like: I have a family of 5 members. My mother is a homemaker and My father deals in medicines.I have 2 siblings, my eldest brother helps my father in his business and my elder brother deals in cosmetics.
    3. Then go on describing about your Hobbies, achievements, strengths, likes, dislikes, etc.

    Tips: Never use “myself  _____”  when introducing yourself, always use “My name is _____”.

  2.  What is more important to you: the money or the success? OR  What is more important to you: the money or the work?
    Ans According to me money won’t lost long its only success where you can reach high destination
    Success is most important to me because Success doesn’t follow the money but wherever the success is, money will be there For example players , singers , runners etc.
  3. Why should we hire you? OR What are your strengths? OR Tell me 3 reasons to choose you ?
    Try to find out what qualities do you have and enlist them, like :

    1. Try to complete work beforehand.
    2. .Have leadership quality.
    3. Regularity.
    4. Devoted/dedicated towards work
    5. sincere
    6. .Adaptable

    Tips: Whatever points you say try to support it with a real-time example. Also try to co-relate how it gonna help the company.

  4. Why we shouldn’t hire you? OR What are your weaknesses OR Tell me 3 reasons not to choose you?
    Ans Try to tell them qualities that are a problem but not big enough also  keep in mind to tell how to overcome those problems, like:

    1. I am a bit forgetful, but to overcome this I use memos and reminders.
    2. Introvert at staring stages but after meeting someone often, able to win his heart.
    3. Nothing is absolute everything is relative so i may get rejected in comparison to other people but i don’t have any weakness big enough that can prove harmful to me.
  5. How do you handle stress and pressure?
    Define any of the stressful situation that you faced in your life and how did you overcome it. It would be nice if you can tell a difficulty you faced while completing you project and how did you overcome it, like:
    “I was facing it difficult to create a dynamic Database Table and again deleting it at End of Day when a user gives test on my web application. It looked difficult to me because I and my teachers never came through such a situation to create dynamic tables. So I researched a lot and discussed with few people and got a solution for this problem.
  6. What is definition of success for you?  OR How do you evaluate success?
    Ans Definition of success varies from person to person, so think what success mean to you. If you are unable to find a good answer then you can go something lies this:
    “Success for me is gaining respect and making my name count in this society.”
    “Success for me is to live my  life the way I want, do whatever I want, choose the work that I love. This is not easy for each and everyone.”
  7. Would you retire now if you had enough money? OR If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
    You need to answer something that shows how keen you love to work, like:
    “I am a kind of person who wants to be known by his work not by his money. Because working only for money makes you mortal and I don’t want to be mortal.”
  8. Describe yourself in one word?
    Ans Thing of a word that describes you or some of your qualities like:

    1. Dedicated
    2. Inquisitive
  9. What leadership qualities do you have?
    Ans Again you need to look into yourself and find an example where you proved yourself as a leader.
    “In school I was elected as the “Arts Club” Secretary. Then at college I had been in ARC committee and at present I am a member of TNP department.”
  10. What if you are not selected?
    Ans Try to find out my shortcomings, work on them and them will again reappear for interview with full confidence.
  11.  On a scale of one to ten, rate yourself?
    Ans It is better to rate yourself between 7-9. Neither 10 because no one can be perfect, there is always a space of improvement and neither too low because why would someone hire you if you know you are too low and still you haven’t made any improvement.

    Tips: You can rate yourself too low , like:”I rate myself to 4 on AngularJS, it is so because I am totally new to this technology and in a span of 10 days that a big achievement for me.”

  12. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    Ans I see myself sitting comfortably in your chair and asking someone else the same question!
    After 5 years from now, I see myself well equipped with knowledge and resources of my field, better skills, more mature than now and at a decent position in the managerial ladder of the organization, where I would be dealing with more challenges and working as an asset for the organization.
  13. Who has inspired you in your life and why? or Whom do you admire?
    Ans You can say for a leader whom you admire or even a person who is your friend family member or a relative.
    “I admire my father the most because when I walk with him in market, I notice that in every one minute somebody pays respect or salutes to my father. So to gain that much respect is a big deal. Also he has proved himself to be one of the greatest dad, full-filling  my necessities and giving me opportunity to take my own decisions and grow in my own space. So  I want to be  just like my father.”
  14. How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
    Ans It is always necessary to maintain a work-life balance, so working overtime may exhaust me and leave me unfit and less productive, which is not good for the company. It is better to have proper rest and workout so as to maintain a good health but if overtime is needed in emergencies then surely will stand for the company.
    No problem in working late nights or weekends, as to become successful you need not to count days and nights.
  15. Why did you resign from your previous job?
     Never make such a big mistake to talk anything bad about your previous company.It reflects your complaining attitude. So praise your previous company and pin some points that make you leave the company, like
    “I am very thankful to my previous company because of which today I am on this platform. I have learnt lot of thing for my career grown. But now I am looking for newer opportunities & challenging. Change is necessary to make yourself refresh, energetic & to enhance your skills.”
    “To enhance my skills and to explore other possibilities of growth in a multi-dimensional scope of work I chose to resign. It has been always my desire to learn, adapt and implement the skills which work towards mutually beneficial environment. Money always played a secondary role, and hard work, intelligence, integrity and faithfulness always came first. In my earlier company, they did gave me a comfortable environment to work, but new avenues were not allotted, to sharpen skills. As I knew, where I can be more beneficial, I thought of utilizing myself elsewhere.”
  16. Why do you want to work at our company?
    Ans Go through company website and check out what are the achievements and uniqueness of this company.
    “You are of the top renowned companies in this domain and you are a very employee friendly company who provides each employee his own space to grow and nurture his skills.”
  17. Do You Have Any Questions To Ask?
    Ans Be prepared with few questions to ask, like

    1. What you think what are my area of improvements.
    2. What qualities you are looking to have in your employees and what of those I persist.
    3. How does company encourages learning and development of employees.

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