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After talking to a number of HRs of some renowned MNCs and startups, I am able to sum up some very important points that an HR notice while having placements.

You might think HR interview is just a formality, but I have seen many a times people getting rejected from HR round. So please prepare well before you appear in an HR round and at the same time don’t be too nervous, relax as interview is just a part of your professional life.

Tips : Drink a glass of water before you go into interview room, so as to relax your mind. gAnd if you are hungry and don’t have time to take food then just have a bite  of  chocolate, it gives you enough energy.

Maintaining your social profiles

If you apply for a company and mail your resume, then HR will surely go through your social profiles like LinkedIn, FB, Twitter. Make sure you maintain your profile in these sites. HRs use various tools like RapportiveFullContact for Gmail™Discover.lyHubSpot Sales for getting all your social profiles.

HR generally checks what are your views, what type of person you are, what kind of things you generally post in. For example:

  • If you post something against feminism then surely company doesn’t need people like you.
  • If they find you posting some good thoughts or some technical points i.e if you making senseful  posts then that creates a good impression.
  • If you post on politics then again it is good but if your post talks something like Hindi-muslim then again not good.

If you are a guy from IT then having your projects posted in Github, helps you a lot. HR top picks  those candidates for technical role, who have a number of projects, contributions, followers in Github.

Personality and etiquette.

Personality and etiquette is generally judged in the start 30 sec itself. The clothes you wear and the way you walk in and sit, talks a lot about you.

To know tips for personality and etiquette read my blog “How to crack Technical Interview“.

Communication skill.

This  not only mean how well you speak english but this also means how well you can convey your thoughts to a person, how comfortable you make him  while talking to you. To check your comm. skills the 1st question that HR puts is “Tell me about yourself ?” and this greatly helps you to either create a good impression or bad impression.

Click to check answer for – Tell Me About Yourself?

Tips : Your “about me” must be nicely practised , fluent and  should last for continuous 2 minutes at least.


HR is not going to ask you a question to judge your confidence. Its your body language and facial expressions which itself gonna reveal your confidence level.


  • Always maintain a sweet smile on your face when you go for interview, starting from the time when enter the room and till you leave the room.
  • Have a nice sitting posture, don’t just sit dull, sit straight and energetic.


If you are applying for a MNC then you are surely going to face this question –

  • Are ready to work in Night Shifts?
  • Are you ready to work our X centre. (X- is a city name) ?
  • Are you ready, if asked to work overtime?
  • Are you ready to work on weekends?

If you answer them a NO being a fresher then certainly you may be rejected for this. So, you have to answer it yes to these questions. Or you can answer them smartly, like – Click here to view answer

Knowing about company

Each and every HR is very much interested to know – How much you know about their company. So always visit to their website and know about these points:-

  • Company achievements
  • Appraisal by any of the renowned magazines.
  • New companies acquired.
  • Pillars or moral values of the company.
  • Goal or agenda of the company for current year.
  • Technologies and streams company is working or focusing on.
  • Knowing companies board of directors.


HR try to figure out if you a genuine person or whether you are going to stick to this company. For knowing this may ask you few questions like:

You have to think smartly and answer to these questions.

To get various Questions asked  in HR round with answers  click here:
Questions-Answers for HR round

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