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How to crack a Technical Interview

Technical interview

Main objective behind having a technical interview is to judge your technical skills for the role you are applying for.

Dressing sense and etiquette:

Men: You must be nicely dressed. Have a light color formal shirt with dark color pant.Use black formal shoes (avoid shoes without lace). Use full length socks which match your pant color. Black leather belt with a decent buckle. Clean shave and nicely perfumed.

Women: Check out what women of that company usually wear. When you are in doubt, you should wear a suit with a skirt or pants. Try to go for darker color if opting suits and with skirts prefer wearing knee-length skirts. Don’t go with heavy makeup and too much jewelry. If you have documents to carry, you can go for a professional briefcase.

When you enter in room greet with a nice smile on your face and pay attention to time, like if it’s dot 4 or past 4’o clock greet him evening. Many a times you may see that chair is placed at a distance, so never try to move the chair, sit on that chair wherever it is kept.

Research work  about company.

This is what makes you stand different. Preparation, doesn’t just mean
passing knowledge about a company, but rather in-depth research about the firm and its industry. This includes company achievements , recent project works, any collaborations/acquirements, recent awards, any contributions, socio activities, recent technologies company is working on, tools and softwares used, total number of employees, total job centres. To get all this information you need to check companies website, various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Glassdoor.

Brush up your technical knowledge:

If you are a college students then go through basics of technologies and your project works, if experienced go through your major projects, tools and technologies used  so far. Practise advanced topics and some practical problems on you technologies.
College students must be prepared with at least 2 of your technical subjects and 1 programming language. For CS/IT students it is better to choose subjects from below list:

  • DBMS
  • Software Testing and SDLC
  • Operating System
  • Data Structure
  • Networking

While experienced guys should have deep knowledge of couple of technologies, repository management tool (ex. Git), project management tool (ex. JIRA), project development model (ex. waterfall, agile) etc.

Your Introduction:

This is the most important part of interview process and you should use it wisely for leading you one step ahead. You should start with your basic intro which includes your

  • Personal Details
  • College and schooling Details

Then you should start describing your technical skills and technical projects. Try to divert your interview to your area of excellence, like speak about your work or technologies which you feel most confident to answer.
Experienced candidate should try to bring his achievements and excellence into talk. For example 3 years of experience in Amdocs core product building group.

When you have no answer:

You are surely going to face a situation, where you have no answer for the question. This question is not asked by the intention to test your knowledge but to test your flexibility towards new technologies. So, here you are not supposed to give any irrelevant answers or sound negative, you must try to show positive attitude towards learning and capturing new terms and technologies by saying something like this –  Sorry I am unaware of this technology but surely wanna try to learn it.

Know your USP:

You are there to sell yourself and if you notice a sales person selling a product he always mentions you all the unique feature first, and  then all other common positive points and never tells his major drawbacks to you. He gives you no reason not to buy that product. Even if he mentions the common points that are present in other products as well , he mentions it in a very unique and different way that puts some weightage to his product.
Similarly you are supposed to find your own USP (Unique Selling Point) and try to sell yourself as high as you can.

Extra Tips:

  • Ask questions and your questions should reflect how well you understood the company and the role you are being hired for.
  • Try to look confident when answering questions even though you might be nervous, and best way is to have a smile on your face.
  • Be prepared for some puzzles and practical questions to solve.
  • You need to show how eager you are to join the company, which will make them sure that you are going to stay for a longer time with them.
  • Try to speak about some of your best achievements and  describe how some of your qualities helped you to get those achievements.

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