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Entering into an IT city

You may be puzzled when you first think of shifting to an IT city. You don’t have an idea what all things are necessary to carry with you. So here are the things you need to pay attention:

Research Needed:

When you shift to a new city lots of things changes like:

  • Cost of living.
  • Quality of living.
  • Mode of communication.

So it is very much needed to have some research about the city. You must inquire about some major things mentioned below:

  • Weather of the city: It is very important to check the weather of a city so that you can carry your luggage accordingly. You may think of carrying woolen clothes with you during winters but cities like Mumbai and Pune barely have cold days. So first check the weather for coming 6 months and then pack your luggage.
  • Documents to carry: You should give a call or mail to you HR to know what all documents are needed by the company. Also check if you have a passport, if not then please at least apply for it before you shift, as most of the IT companies ask for the passport.Your original degree may take 1-2 years, so before you join make sure to collect provisional degree from your college.
  • Luggage: Try not to carry huge luggage in your first visit to the city,  as you might be shifting within the city a couple of times for getting accommodation, mostly you should carry fewer clothes, formals preferred. Also, have some space for documents to carry in your luggage.
  • Accommodation: In the beginning, a temporary accommodation like shifting either as a paying guest or in a service apartment for some time is strongly recommended that will give you time to understand the city and plan accordingly.
    Once you start inquiring about an area, check how is the water and power supply. The best option to reside is to get a 2 or 3bhk flat on rent with your friends or people joining along with you in your company or team. And for food try to get a cook which may charge you 600-1000 bucks for per head per person for a month in the flat and for the day meal generally people manage at their offices.
    To get a flat on rent in the IT cities is generally easy with the help of a broker. You may get real estate brokers easily in the city which may ask your first rent as their brokerage fees. Another option is to browse real estate websites, best among them is the No Broker which have a free plan as well as paid plan costing around 2k.
  • Mode of comm: Also once you are in the city, talk to some local people and find out the best mode of transport, as you may need it while traveling from your residence to office and back again.In Mumbai city, you may find local trains and shared taxis or metros for longer and shorter distances respectively, in Pune you may find travelers which may take people to office locations at a very nominal price of 10-20 rupees

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