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13 tips to crack a Group Discussion

A Group Discussion generally comprises, a team of 6-10 people.A topic is given to team for discussion and in the starting you are given about 1-2 minutes to think over the topic. GD panel is present  there to check your presentation skills and your team spirit.


Here are some short tips which will you to crack a GD easily:

  1. If you are not clear with GD topics or have doubts, clear it before discussion starts.
  2. Be always polite, a good body language can help you gain marks and at same time your arrogant behaviour looses marks for you.Arrogant BehaviourIf there is a fish market type situation, please ask all to “maintain the decorum and have a friendly discussion” and try to be out of the fish market.
  3. Starting or ending(concluding) the group discussion helps you gain extra points. But try this only when you have some really nice points and you are confident enough.
  4. Try to make at least 2 to 3 entries in the group discussion. This will make you selection chances more prominent.
  5. It gives good impression if you can use some statistical data in your points or if you can give a new meaningful direction to GD.
  6. You should be interacting with your team and have a nice eye contact, do not look for the evaluators.
  7. To prepare well for a GD you have to keep reading articles, current affairs and writing essays also helps a lot.
  8. Speaking for a long time does not help you to gain points but short, meaningful and crisp points do. Also structure your points in a proper way before you present them.
  9. Sentences to be used :
    • I totally agree with ….. and so I want to say ….
    • I would like to add few points to what …… said
    • I partially agree with you ….. and would like to share my views
    • I have a slightly different opinion to what …. said

    Sentences not to be used:

    • I totally disagree with ……
    • I am not in the favour of …..
    • I am against to what ….. said
    • I do not support what …… is saying
  10. Do not be decorative with your English, you are not there to show your vocab skills, you are there to show your discussion and team work skills. So try to use simple day-to-day words in your points.
  11. You have to be a good listener and try to note down important points in a paper while listening.
  12. While speaking your voice should reflect your confidence to justify your points.
  13. Try to appreciate others and if you don’t agree then wait till, one completes his points. Do not interrupt anyone in middle of his speech.

Tips: If you want to conclude the GD, then one very nice way is to write down one good point of each speaker and then put all those points together and form you concluding speech.

If you see that the speakers have no idea regarding any statistical data related to GD topic, then you can even use some Imaginary data, but make sure you say it in a very confident way


  1. Shikha badkul

    Very useful

  2. Ayoush Johari

    Hi Varun..
    Content was very informative..

    Try to include sample GD topics and key points that should be discussed in that GD…

    Best wishes…

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